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All about this mounth is  Jasmine


Jasmine was born in Italy in Rome, her mother dødede when she was born her father took care of her until she was 5 years old.
her father died and she was the lads to himself and life on the street, she has had several foster families but none of them had cared for her. on her journey through life, she had learned to lie and steal to get what she needs, clothing food and more ...
when she turns 18 she Commer in the way of the humens call myths - vampyre-- when she one night watching them chase, she gets captured because she knows too much, but it manages to escape and she flees to Forks where she meets esme and carlisle

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We are a 18+ Multi-Fandom RPG
We would first like to welcome you to the family!
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You are the member of this week because you are thoughtful, loving and helpful.  and 

Because the show so much love for each other your are the couple of the  moment   and 

Best solo this week is  for the best solo there not is about only you but involve many orthers 


We surport the danish and US Work to get the kids of the streets and following their dream





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    Blog Posts


    Posted by Taylor Volturi on November 27, 2014 at 4:03am 0 Comments

    Hello everyone ! I would like to be allowed to introduce myself to you ! My name is Alistair im the 5 Baron thaat mean my father was baron befor me , I was born in england during the turbulent reign of Edward II, considered the weakest of of the Plantagenet kings. My father was one of the barons who continually fought against the King's attempts to limit the power of the British Peerage. Throughout my youth, my father and older brother were embroiled in…


    Wishing more

    Posted by Kalhlan Volturi ~Co-owner on October 21, 2014 at 11:41pm 0 Comments

    Italy was bathed in light when I heard my master's voice echoed through the throne room, "" kalh I have found our summer palace in england a suitable residence "" I nodded to my master and looked at the paper he had handed me I looked at a picture of a young woman, my gaze drifted over her dark hair billowing around a heart-shaped face  and a simple summer dress who slipped on voluptuous forms that made ​​me despise the present ideal Her lips were red…


    who i am

    Posted by Mel ~Owner ~ on October 21, 2014 at 11:13pm 0 Comments

    I'm not an ordinary woman. Sure I have olive tone skin and midnight color hair and am of average height, and intelligent which any other woman has. I am attractive as the next woman. Except for two things: One, I have red eyes and a thirst unlike any human and two: I have a pale tint to my olive tone skin. On top of that, I live in the land Italy. 

    We are far different from the human race, since we're not human at all aside from our appearances. The eye can decieve. We have…



    My past to now Part one

    Posted by carlisle on April 7, 2014 at 10:13pm 0 Comments

    The words will you forgive? hung in the air, I could barely lift the head and look at my father and king who towered in front of me in all his regalia with a serious face carefully restrained, although his eyes radiated both sorrow and anger My blurry eyes glided over my brothers who stood by my father's side, and then out to sea by the tribe National Representatives that filled Zohayds magnificent courtroom. Their faces flowed together into a hemigen lot of expectations because my…


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    Marcus - Melanie

    Felix - Destiny

    Liana -Revella

    Marco - Rae

    Santiago - Saphire

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    Ritchi - Rachel


    Kyle - kyrie

    stefan -danni 

    Vladimir -faith



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